Clew Bay

A one-day tour guided by qualified archaeologists from Achill Archaeological Field School around the stunning island landscape of Clew Bay, stamping ground of Mayo’s famous 16th century pirate queen Grace O’Malley.

AAFS Clew Bay Tour

Dates: Saturday 4 May; 1st June 2019. To arrange this tour for another date please contact us directly at A minimum of 3 people are required. 
Cost: €90 per person
Level: easy

Cost includes transport from Achill Island. Tour departs Achill Folklife Centre, Dooagh, Achill at 8:00 a.m. We can also collect you in Mulranny. Participants can choose to bring a packed lunch or, time permitting, arrangements can be made to stop at the picturesque town of Westport for lunch. All our tours are led by expert guides from Achill Archaeological Field School.

Tour Itinerary

  • Rockfleet Tower House – erected by the de Burgos, an Anglo/Norman family who became more Irish than the Irish themsleves. Associated with Richard-an-Iarainn de Burgo and his wife, the famous Grace O’Malley.
  • Burrishoole Abbey – a 15th Century Dominican Abbey founded by Richard (MacWilliam) Burke.
  • Murrisk Abbey – home to the Austin Friars or eremites of Saint Augustine who were mendicant friars who combined monastic life with outside religious activity.
  • Aghagower Early Medieval complex – ‘Field of the Spring Well’ is an early ecclesiastical site mentioned by the Scribe, Tirechan, a native of County Mayo. Contains an impressive Round Tower and a Romanesque doorway in the nearby church.
  • Srahwee Wedge Tomb – one of the best preserved in the country. Dates to the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age c. 3000 BC.
  • Annagh Kiladangan archaeological complex – stone rows with sites that increase in size from north to south. A former ‘king’ of Kiladangan was the brother of the first husband of the famous Celtic Queen Maeve of Connacht.
  • Bunlahinch Clapperbridge – a prehistoric form of bridge that is said to have originated in Sussex in England.

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