Achill Island (one day)

A one day guided tour of some of Achill’s most iconic and historic sites.

Dates: Every Thursday April to October 2019
Cost: €60 per person
Level: easy

Minimum of 5 people. Tour includes local transport. Led by expert guide from Achill Archaeological Field School. 

Itinerary includes:

  • The iconic Deserted Village of Slievemore. The village of Slievemore is one of the finest examples of a deserted village in Ireland. The village has its origins in the mid-eighteenth century. After the Famine it was largely abandoned as a permanent residence and became a booley settlement used for summer grazing of cattle.
  • Dookinelly crannog is a fine example of an early medieval lake settlement. The site lies in a small lake called Lochán na Deirge and is one of a handful of early medieval settlements on Achill.
  • Caraun Point is an intriguing historic settlement site nestled in a sand dune-covered promontory on Achill’s northern coast. The site comprises an early medieval caher (stone fort), a children’s burial ground, an abandoned early modern village, and multiple shell middens.
  • Legendary pirate queen Grace O’Malley’s tower house at Kildavent is one of the few later medieval buildings surviving on Achill. The castle guards the narrow pass of Achill sound harking back to a time when Gaelic clans ruled the Atlantic coast.
  • The close-by Kildavnet church and holy well have medieval roots and the graveyard features some fascinating vernacular gravestones. The site is associated with Famine-time evictions on the Pike estate.
  • Dunnaglaise and Bunafahy promontory forts are two of the finest examples of this enigmatic site type. Dramatically situated on Achill’s rugged Atlantic drive, these sites are likely to date to the Iron Age.

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